Advanced TMJ or as the dental profession refers TMD, patients occupy a unique niche in our health care system. They often shuttle from doctor to doctor in a search of a solution to their discomforts that are not easily remedied, or even diagnosed by the medical and dental establishment. They often face a hostile attitude from insurance companies who deny their disease exists, or at best limits their benefits to cover needed treatment. They are often told that they are in need of psychological counseling to treat very real physical symptoms. This is usually a very frustrating journey.

There is much confusion for people who suffer from TMD and that confusion has come from a lack of a cohesive definition by the dental and medical professions. Today with new knowledge, and the application of modern bioelectronic technology, TMD and other complex dental problems can be successfully diagnosed and treated. The technology used for this treatment is commonplace in our computerized world, and is used as an extension of the doctor’s senses to measure and quantify muscle and jaw physiology that we cannot see with our eyes, feel with our fingers, and hear with our ears. This specialized equipment is non-invasive and painless.

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